Best way to password protect uibuilder

Till now i have used cloudflared, but has its limitations.
What other good options is there to secure ui builder webpage ?
Would securing it using http node auth be good?

Hi. I don't personally recommend using the http nodes.

The "best" method will depend a lot on your needs of course. One way would be to use your own auth setup using a reverse proxy like NGINX.

Perhaps you could expand a little on your requirements and maybe indicate what you find limiting with Cloudflare Zero Trust?

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Voice of reason here.

Don't put it on the internet :grin:

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Though a bit like saying: "I have this car, what's the best way to stop it getting scratched? A: Don't drive it on the roads."! :rofl:

The Zero Trust service (and similar tools) are like seat belts (and lights, brakes, crumple zones and passing your driving test) for cars. :upside_down_face:


What i need is just basic password protection. No more than that required. I belive enabling httpnode auth in settings.js would be sufficient. I think NGINX is not necessary, as it provides alot i dont need.

"You think you don't need" - the point of nginx together with ssl and some other form of authentication/authorization is to actually secure it. node-red directly to the internet with just basic auth on http-in is not secure - do not do this.

nginx is not easy, but there are "helpers" available like npm (nginx proxy manager) that can help with the security/certificate setup and lets you easily manage all kinds of endpoints.

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I already have ssl/tls encryption through cloudflare tunnel. If enabling http node auth in settings.js is good enough as password protection than i make use of that.

So isn't the 50 free user accounts available with CF ZT enough for you?

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For now it is. But for the future if i would need more than 50, then authentication with node-red would be my next option. (Enable httpnodeAuth)

OK, fair enough. I've never really done anything serious with that option so I'd welcome any feedback or instructions you can share when you get to it, I can then share them in the docs.

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