/ui protection using httpNodeAuth in settings.js

I am trying to protect /ui with user name and password ,and I am aware that I can do this with
httpNodeAuth in settings.js .

The problem I am facing is my application have many other endpoint which does not need any protection or in other words open to public usage .But httpNodeAuth settings impact not just /ui but all http endpoint.

If there a way to protect only /ui and not other endpoints?

Kindly comment.

Hi , no the protection applies to all.

Dave has answered your question but I'll point out that I am working (slowly) on a separate authentication & authorisation capability for uibuilder. That will be completely independent of the Node-RED native user configuration.

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Thank you Dave for quick reply .
Yes I feel we need separate authentication ,now I am forced to start new instance just to have
my own authentication for http endpoint other than /ui.

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