Best way to wait until library has been loaded

Hi folks,
In one of my custom nodes, I need to make sure that a series of js script files are loaded before I show the config screen of my node.

Moreover my node has a config node, and the settings on my config node's config screen determine which files should be loaded. So when I return from my config node to my node's config screen, I should also make sure all files are loaded.

Should I show a progress bar in the oneditprepare, or are there other ways to achieve that?

And in case of a progressbar, is there a standard Node-RED progress bar that I can use?


For simplicity sake, you could have a "please wait" message and a font awesome spinner.

Or a "Loading X of 6" where X is counting up (plus a font awesome spinner :wink: )

Thanks Steve for the suggestion!
I assume I need to handle everything from scratch: show the spinner, disable user input, show visually that everything is disabled. Or are you referring to some kind of magic spinner, that takes care of this?


Or hide the outer form div until ready.

The fa-spin class does the spinning. See Animated Icons half way down the examples page

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There is a built-in spinner you can use.... I just can't recall what the api is. Will look it up and point you in the right direction in the morning.


The standard spinner image we use in the editor is red/images/spin.svg.

So you could do: <img src="red/images/spin.svg"/>. But you'd have to size and position it to meet your needs.

As an alternative, we also provide a CSS class as a convenience (that would also allow a custom theme to replace the spinner with its own). I would probably recommend this approach:

<i class="spinner"></i>

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