BigFile Start option

Has anyone used the BigFile module (node-red-contrib-bigfile)? And, if so, do you know how to set the start and end options in order to read a range of the file instead of the entire file? I'm passing in a message with the filename and start and end, but can't get it to actually use the start and end.

This is an example of what I've tried for my input message. BigFile does recognize the filename.

{ filename: filepath, options: { start: 10, end: 50 } }

Thank you!

that's not a commonly used node - so you may be best contacting the author direct.

What happens when you send it that message? Note that the start and end are in bytes, not line numbers.

Thank you - yes, I realize they are bytes and not line numbers. When I send it that message, I get the entire file back, not the partial content.

Looking at the BigFile code (and ultimately, the BigLib code), it appears the property should be 'config' and not 'options'. However, it still doesn't work.

I'm not sure how to contact the author directly.

I may have to give up on this for now.

I would start via the issues page here