BigTimer help please

Sorry, but this is confusing me.

I have BigTimer running and it seems to be working for ONE task.
(Sunrise and Sunset)

Needs must and I had to put in another one and this one is for Dusk and Dawn.

I got this node by COPYING the first one and then changing only a couple of variables, like the ON time and OFF time, On message and Off message.

But it is now approaching DUSK time.

Why is this happening - see picture.
It says DAWN rather than DUSK.

I am connected to output #1.

I assume that you have got Repeat Output clicked (a setting down near the bottom) which tells it to repeat the current text every minute. Since it is currently between dawn and dusk the output is in the On state so it repeats the On text (Dawn) every minute. At dusk it should switch to sending the Off text.

Mia Culpa.

I started to scroll down but didn't get that low.

All good now.

It is always a good idea to look at and understand all the options in a node's config before using it.

Yeah, I have been down that track.

The existing one works, so rather than start off with a new one, where I could possibly make other mistakes, I opted to copy a working one.

Alas I goofed.

I have been away from NR for about 4 weeks doing solid other stuff and it is worrying to me how much I have forgotten.