BLE Support on a raspberry pi

Very nice - will you be prepared to share that at some point ? I could see some good use cases for this - i was previously - playing around with the Monitor stuff from HA - but was not really comfortable with it just being a Bash script.


I thought it would be better to make a separate topic here

@kuema :slightly_smiling_face:
I guess you have already worked this out, this is then maybe just an example of how I just configured a esp32 device as an iBeacon scanner according to your idea

Ordered a couple of esp32 devices from here:

Used this esp project: "A BLE to MQTT bridge running on an ESP32"

The result:


Yes, I think I even tried the same project, but hit some issues with my ESP32 boards. Also spare time is in high demand these days, but I plan to continue soon. :see_no_evil:

Nice Raspberry rack by the way :nerd_face: