Newbie question

Before to start a learning path with Node-RED, I'd like to know if it may be useful to my needs.
I'd like to create a BLE-MQTT gateway to install on Home Assistant that can act as a central device (BLE client) so that any BLE peripheral device can connect to and send data on a BLE service and a BLE characteristic.
Anything like this:

Any idea?
Thanks in advance

Welcome to the forums @mforbiz.

Sorry, what part of your question is about Node RED?
But Yes, Node RED has nodes for bluetooth.

if your question is about Home Assistant, I suggest asking on the HA forums - many here do not use HA

The first thing I would do is try a google search using BLE-MQTT node-red and read any thing that looks useful.

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You don't say what device you are using for running Node Red and Home Assistant. My experience might be useful. I use Node red on a raspberry pi on which I've installed mosquitto, the MQTT compatible message broker and client library. This broker is used to communicate with other raspberry pi's running Node Red.

Starting with the release of Mosquitto version 2.0.0, the default configuration will only bind to localhost. To enable remote access so that we can communicate with other IoT devices, you need to edit/create a configuration file.

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