Communicating to BLE device and node-red

I have been using raspberry pi and node-red for a while now and was considering to use my raspberry pi zero w as a hotspot to communicate with my polar heart rate monitor to display the information.

I have played a bit with gatt but don't seem to get a grip on it. Can anyone please point me towards a tutorial that I can follow along step by step to understand it?

I have used MQTT and I assume gatt works in a similar way or server and client communication?

Much appreciated and looking forward to starting this exciting project and learning more useful functionalities

Hello and welcome to the Node-Red forum.

However, as your question doesn't seem to have much to do with Node-Red (at least yet), I recommend starting with this.

As well as using the forum search option for keywords like GATT as there seems to be a few posts about it.

Did you check Node-RED flows library for BLE nodes ? Probably this is a good starting point. This contrib node for instance shows how to read data from heart monitors.

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