Help - New to node red

Hi I have a neuro headset from emotiv(emotiv insight) which I want to use to control the actions of a raspberry pi robot car. I am completely new to node red and dont really have a great background in coding. It'd be great to get some guidance on how to go about this.

Well, for starters you are going to have to connect your headset to the computer/Node-Red.

What protocol does it use? BTLE, WiFi http?

Then, saying it is BTLE, you need to set up Node-Red to receive the bluetooth signals.

I haven't played with Bluetooth as yet, it doesn't fit my needs.

So you get a BTLE node - being there is such a thing and connect to it.

Basically you need a node which is the same as your headset protocol.

In the appropriate node you will configure it to listen to what your headset is sending.

From there, you get the output and write a program to do what you want.

It isn't like the old style of programming. Rather you connect nodes together to do things.

So the first things/node would be the node to receive the signal (input) from the headphones.
Next you would put it through a switch node to separate the different signals.

Then on each of the outputs of the switch node, you would put change nodes to change the message to what you want to send to the RPI robot car.

Then, you would use another node to encode (not really the right term but. . . .) the message and send it to the RPI.

So, say it was WiFi.

You would get a WiFi node (the SEND one) and configure it to send to your RPI robot car.

That's about it.

I know it isn't quite that simple, but that's the best I can do just now.

Does that help you with what to do?


Follow the documentation; tutorials, cookbook.
Then search for bluetooth here on the forum (as your devices appears to be using it).

There are some flows available for emotiv devices, perhaps this gives you some ideas.

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