Node-Red connection with Emotiv Bcı

Hello Friends;
How can ı connect with Node-Red and emotiv? Someone can say sth about it :confused:

Did you try searching in the forum??

Yes sir, ı checked but ı could not to solve problem it says connecting but, ıt did not manage to connect

Go back and read the two posts you have written and the ask yourself ‘if I was someone else, would the information given be enough to help or would I need more of an explanation?”

What is the reason for your rude demeanor? you have to be respectful to me. You cannot behave that way towards people you do not know. If you don't want to help, you won't answer!

The point is that all you have told us is that it can't connect.
You have not given enough information to provide a useful answer. You have not told us which node you are using or how you have configured it or anything else that would allow anyone to help.

In addition the fact that you have asked the same question twice before in the last week and did not receive any help suggests that no-one here knows much about the subject.

(sorry for the late reply, I was visiting my 98 year old mother)

I did not mean to offend you, I was trying to get you to look at your question thru someone elses eyes, As Colin said, you have not provided enough information for someone to help. We are all volunteers here trying to help others but we all value our own time - as I'm sure you do.

So give us some information that we can use to help you solve your problem and we will try to help, as our time permits. So the more details you give, like what device you run NR on, what version of your OS, NR and node.js you are using, is all the software up to date, and just what have you tried to do will be information that can help us help you.

But you are the only one who can provide that information.

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