BLE with Node-RED Dashboard

Is there any way I can integrate Bluetooth Low Energy functionality with the Node-RED Dashboard, so that any device with the dashboard open will be able to detect the peripheral devices that I use in my flows? I want to have BLE as a backup for receiving critical information from the devices in case the WiFi goes down, so that they can still be used.

It depends on what the devices are and how you are managing/monitoring them.

I use BLE with an ESP32 to report on Xiaomi Bluetooth Temperature sensors and this pumps out the data as a MQTT stream which you could then use in your dashboard

GIve us some more info on your specific use case

As you probably know BLE is quite limited in distance/abiliy to penetrate objects - so being able to use your RPi to do it would be problematic unless it was ideally located centrally to the objects


Currently, I'm using a Particle Argon for my project. I want it to send out information regarding its battery level, as well as some custom data related to my project.

I'm planning to expand the project to use hundreds of Argons that are spread over a school campus. I'm aware that not all of the Argons will be detected by a central device since they are spread so far apart, so I'm not going to use an RPi as a central device.

Instead, I would like users to open the Dashboard on their phones, which would ideally trigger the Bluetooth functionality built into their smartphones, so that they could collect data from the Argons in range as they move across the campus. Then the data would be taken and processed into something visual for the user to see in the dashboard.

Unless there was some way for them to pass data to each other, almost like a chain in which the data would gradually be connected by a single main Argon unit, if that makes sense.

I have absolutely no idea if this is possible, as I'm still pretty new to BLE functionality. Hopefully there is something that can perform a similar function...

Again, this is mainly going to be used as backup in the event of the WiFi network shutting down. It won't be consistently running.

Most likely you would have to develop an actual custom app for both ios and android.
As far as i understand it that would be the only way to access the systems bluetooth api and do what you want. I don’t think this is possible from a browser based application like the nodered dashboard on a smartphone.

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