Blue-Cow: An Amazon sponsored Node-RED offering on AWS

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No there isn't a Blue-Cow (to my knowledge) but I was wondering whether there ever will be? I.e. an Amazon clone of Node-RED as an AWS offering? Or is there something already?

Could this happen? Does the Node-RED license allow Amazon to create an offering?

Elastic and Amazon didn't hit it off too well a couple of years ago and I was wondering what is the stance amongst the Node-RED folks?


Probably the easiest thing would be to create an AWS template that anyone could then tweak and run to get a fully working environment. Same with Azure as well.

Of course, however, a Node-RED working environment on a public global cloud would likely need to include a full "virtual datacentre" style configuration with a network, edge security, identity management configuration, optimising proxy, ....

To answer this point specifically, yes, the Apache-2.0 license doesn't place any restrictions on commercialisation of Node-RED.

Or you could use the FlowFuse instance we provide in the AWS Marketplace.... AWS Marketplace: FlowFuse


Thank you for the reply. I was wondering aloud more than actually looking for an AWS offering.

I was more thinking of the consequences should AWS bring out a AWS branded Node-RED. It would certainly bring more attention to Node-RED but would also suck a lot of air away from the ecosystem around Node-RED.

Of course they could just buy out FlowFuse :slight_smile:

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The exit strategy of 110% of all startups :wink:

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