Free (12month) Node-RED cloud instance

JFI You can get a free (for 12months - no credit card needed) Node-RED cloud instance (handy for playing around with)

just use the image

PS It took a while (few days) before it came online but its working now :slight_smile:

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Why are they doing this?

In the hope of eventually getting you to pay for something I imagine. In the same way Dropbox give you some capability for free but to get more you have to pay.

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It's probably the autodesk model: share readily for a limited time or with conditions, thereby enticing people to adopt a new paradigm or platform, wait for the skill base to grow, then start to crank up revenue siphons once the platform in question is taken seriously enough to be used in production.


Plus they offer three tiers, and this is the lowest tier. If you want to keep it running after those 12 months you’ll have to pay 4.99 a month for it, which is comparable to similar DigitalOcean droplets with that capacity. Meaning you might get several who will keep paying for it.