Cheap server options

Hi, guys.
I´m pretty new to node-red and I´m loving it.
So far I tested it on IBM Cloud, Fred and Heroku. IBM after a brief time stopped working twice, Fred I did not like it. Heroku is great and I think the price is fair, $7 a month.

But I would like to know if you guys can recommend some cheap places to run node-red? I´ll need for other projects and it will quickly add up.


I use DigitalOcean Their basic droplet is 5$ a month and that's more than enough to run Node-RED, I use Traefik as a reverse proxy which takes care of the SSL for me.


Go buy a raspberry Pi and you can play with it locally.


I did it also.
So far the Raspberry is the most fun. But I really need a server running reliably 24/7.

So far I´m sticking to Heroku, for smaller and temporary projects I´ll try Digital Ocean as suggest by @nlecaude.

Thanks guys.

You say you need 24-7 uptime, so I'd like to ask your use case. Is this serving just local systems, or are you doing something that needs to traverse WAN? What kind of written output (if any) are you working with?

If you're not writing data to file or database, (like just massaging data to run automations, run a chatbot, or something similar) a pi with a good quality SD card will likely have better uptime than your ISP. (I've had some up and running flows for over 2 years.)

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I access google services using API, sheets, calendar, gmail to be more accurate. Their API demands HTTPS certificates.
I use node red to host some forms and html, that allow my clients to book appointments, download and send to them some pictures from my account on shutterstock

There is a simple mongoDB database.
I also live in Brazil, so my internet is not so fast or reliable.

@JayDickson Do you think a PI would be enough? My internet is reallllly crappy.

If your customers and other resources are on the other side of your gateway, then external hosting is absolutely the way you want to be going.


There are a great number of good low-cost VPS providers out there. I have a couple running on UK-base BHost.

Check out this forum for ideas:

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Hey there,

We - - now provide an easy to use service to deploy Node-RED based applications.
See our doc Nodered | App Services | Documentation | opeNode Starting at $1.50 per month (if used during 1 month). We have also free trials, and support open source projects.

Let us know if you have any feedback if you test it!


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I'm a huge fan of
I like being able to have complete access to a linux OS.
1CPU Core
1GB Ram
1GBit/s Unmetered

$3 bucks a month

ipv6 address for free upon request along with your standard ipv4

I'm not paid or receive any compensation from them. Its what I like to use.