How to create cloud to connect with node-red without pay

i want to connect node-red with cloud but i won't to pay for cloud


Is this a question or a remark ?
Could you elaborate more what you are looking for.

its question

i want to connect node-red with free cloud
but I haven't found a way to have a free cloud
mostly for access to the cloud have to pay

can you give me method to have a free akses to cloud?

This isn’t a Node-RED question, but I think Oracle still offer some “always free” tiers on their cloud.

What exactly do you want to do in the cloud? Do you want to run node red in the cloud or something else?

yes right, i want to run node red in cloud

Please edit the thread title to indicate that is what you are asking for. Click the pen next to the title.

I don't know of anyone offering free node-red servers in the cloud, but did you investigate @dceejay's suggestion?

There were several threads in the forum a while back about how to set up Oracle - eg Linux cloud service - #22 by recursivecodes

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