NodeRed and Oracle Database


I installed an ubuntu instance (Always Free VM On Oracle Cloud) some time ago.
I use it for various tests, it works without problems, everything is OK.

I created a database, Autonomous Database (version: 19c), also free tier, also in Oracle Cloud.
So, NodeRed and Database are both in the Oracle cloud.

I also installed node-red-contrib-oracledb-mod, according to:

The problem is that I was not able to connect from NodeRed to the database, it shows me unconnected.

It is clear that I am omitting or doing something wrong (probably with Oracle Instant Client).

At this point I started all over again, I installed ONLY:

  • NodeRed server
  • node-red-contrib-oracledb-mod module
  • Node.js v16.14.0

Nothing else.

Can anyone guide me?

Does anyone use Oracle Database?

You could ask the author of the guide that you used.
Todd @recursivecodes is a forum member.
@recursivecodes is also his twitter name if he doesn't pick this up here.

I already sent him a message a few days ago, but he didn't answer.

@recursivecodes - Seen 4 Mar '21 (long time ago)

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