Oracle db connection

Can someone help me with the oracle database connection in node-red.
I've installed the node-red-contrib-oracledb-mod node. I'm not able to proceed ahead with the connection.
I don't understand what is the oracle instant client path etc..I have oracle database working in my machine though.
Need your support as I'm very much new to node red and to oracle database.

oracle instant client is database access binaries for data access. They are typically installed on machines where you need to query an oracle database.

I have never used this node but a quick bit of investigation lead me to this...

This specifies the directory containing the Oracle Client libraries. If libDir is not specified, the default library search mechanism is used. If your client libraries are in a full Oracle Client or Oracle Database installation, such as Oracle Database “XE” Express Edition, then you must have previously set environment variables like ORACLE_HOME before calling initOracleClient() . On Windows, remember to double each backslash used as a directory separator. See Locating the Oracle Client Libraries.

So if you have not installed the oracle instant client, do so and make note of where it is installed. If you have already installed oracle instant client, then enter the directory path of where it is installed into the node config.

Thats all the help i can offer i'm afraid.

If you need more help, then try contacting the nodes author.

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