Updates from FlowFuse (formerly FlowForge)

Hi all,

I wanted to share some bit of news from FlowForge-land that you may have missed.

For those not familiar with us, we provide a managed Node-RED platform that makes it quick and easy to run Node-RED at scale, either in our managed platform, or self-hosted. Lots more details on our website.

To get the first thing out the way - we've renamed the company.

FlowForge is now FlowFuse

Naming things is hard, and sometimes your well intentioned plans get scuppered unexpectedly. And so we find ourselves with a new name - FlowFuse.

For more on this, and what it means moving forward, check out the blog post.

New Starter team plan

Today we've also launched a new Starter plan that reduces the costs of getting started on FlowFuse Cloud - our platform for running Node-RED at scale.

The Starter plan gets you up to two Node-RED instances and two managed devices for a flat rate of $15/month (where previously that would have cost $60/month).

If you haven't tried FlowFuse out yet, this is a great way to get started as you'll get a free trial period to kick the tyres and see what's available.

For more details about the new Starter plan, check out the blog post.

As ever, we'd love your feedback, either here or over in our dedicated community


Lovely :slight_smile:
Just setup mine and $15 translates to Ā£11.86 at the moment