FlowForge is hiring

(We didn't have a #jobs category here like we do in Slack - so I've created one. I realise this is a bit self-serving, but it's here for all of us to make use of)

My company is hiring for two roles that will be of interest to the Node-RED community.

At FlowForge we are building a platform around Node-RED that will provide multi-tenancy, enterprise-ready authentication integration, auditing, compliance and observability. It will provide a seamless low-code developer experience whilst offering integration with version control and CI systems.

The two roles are:

  • A Frontend Developer to help build the FlowForge Platform. This is less about Node-RED and a more general Frontend (Vue.js) role.

  • A Node-RED OSS Developer role. This is an opportunity to work on the ongoing development of Node-RED itself. You will help propose and implement features in the core OSS project, for items that are of relevance to both the FlowForge platform and the wider community. That could include contributions to the core of the project, community nodes as well as upstream open-source projects. You'll also be able to bring your Node-RED experience to help shape what we're doing with FlowForge.

If you're interested in working with me, @hardillb and @sammachin , then do get in touch.

Full details of the roles available here: Jobs at FlowForge Inc


Right now I am working as a freelancer and I am interested to be part of it .
Please let me know if there is any Node-red related work.

Just out of curiosity, is this platform also intended to be released to the community in the same way as "good-old" Node-RED itself?

@krambriw We released 0.1 last week - blog post here.

The core of the platform is Apache 2.0 licensed and being developed in the open. Issues and PRs welcome.

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Why bird species as the suggested project names?