Bluetooth audio - mpg123

I'm hoping someone out there might have experienced this issue and managed to resolve it. I am running my nodered instance on a raspberry pi with Raspbian Bullseye.

I have a flow that plays a mp3 file using the mpg123 command. It works fine with a speaker mpg123 /home/reddwarf/christmas/1.mp3
connected to the 3.5mm audio jack on the pi.

I have now changed to using a bluetooth speaker, I have paired and connected with the speaker using bluetoothctl via ssh as it's running headless.

When issue the command :-

"mpg123 /home/reddwarf/christmas/1.mp3"

in the terminal the sound is played via the bluetooth speaker.

In nodered using the same command in an exec node the command runs and completes as without errors, but no sound is sent to the bluetooth speaker, I haven't put the original wired speaker back on yet, but I suspect the sound is still been routed to the wired speaker.

Has anybody got any suggestions on routing the sound to bluetooth speaker instead of the wired speaker?

Thanks in advance

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