Blynk v pin value to node red

I'm confused with using the node-red-contrib-blynk-ws. Can anyone point me to a way to simply receive a value from Blynk. Like temperature or reed switch hooked up to a virtual pin? I see samples of you have to use a write node to read a value? I know it's connect because I can write to the LCD in the Blynk app.

Well it looks like in the case of having widgets with virtual pins, I can see the changes made in node red when they Change. I have a reed switch, can I only get info from Blynk to node red if the reed switch changes? or can I read the current state which may not change for hours.

Figured it out! So since my virtual pin doesn't change that often and I needed to get the current status/state of it, you can use the trigger and sync node, with the virtual pin in it. That sends a write to that pin and kicks it back. THEN you need a write event to intercept what the other node did. Then you do what you want with it.

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