Brightness control with IKEA Tradfri remote


I am pretty new to node-red and I want my IKEA Tradfri remote to control the brightness of my lamp with the brightness hold buttons.

I am using Zigbee2mqtt with home assistent.

However, I am struggling to get the status of the current brightness from the home assistent nodes. I tried already with the "current state" node, but it only gives me the on and off value from the lamp, not the brightness. How can I request specific values for devices?

Afterwards my plan is to use the trigger node and set the brightness up bit by bit as long as the birghtness up hold button is pressed.

Could you provide me an example flow for this purpose?


Can't really help with HA as I don't use it. However, I do use the IKEA remote via Zigbee2mqtt. I just do everything from within Node-RED. Let me know if you want me to share any of that.

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