Brightness sensor

Hello everybody,
does anyone know a brightness sensor for Nodered which I can connect externally?

Many Thanks

Have a look at the BH1750 sensor.

it would have to be robust so that I can mount it in a workshop and then a cable to the Raspberry which is in a rack ..

Look for a BH1750 breakout board. Be aware that they have an I2C interface, so try to keep the wires as short as possible. What is your intended use?

I was looking for some additional ones of these myself the other day. You can get them with a plastic dome and I think it would be easy enough to mount the whole thing in a protective case. As Garry say's, you need to watch out for the wires. A decent USB cable with the connectors removed and the outer sheath grounded to the same ground as the sensor would probably be good. Or some shielded ethernet (twisted-pair) cable.

Putting the sensor onto an ESP device would be better than trying to connect to the Pi. That way you get more options on where to place it and an ESP board is small enough to fit into any old case.

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Using the BH1715 for 4 Years now in my greenhouse (via esp8266). Very robust and accurate.
II2c can work over 5m too. Good cable (twisted pair ) and place slightly lower pullup resistors on the sensor end to avoid echo signals


And how do I connect such a sensor and how do I access it from Nodered?
Many Thanks

What device will you connect it to? The easiest is to connect it to an ESP8266 or similar and then send the data direct to MQTT. There are a number of firware's that you could use in order to avoid any C++ coding for the MCP. That also gives you more flexibility on where you can position it.

If you are using a Pi, things will be more complex unless you happen to have positioned your Pi within a few metres (at most) of where you want the sensor to be.

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