Broke adminAuth credentialing after changing hash in settings.js

Hey guys!

I needed to change the admin login credentials on our local Node-RED server for security reasons.
I viewed and followed the instructions for generating a new pass hash and updating settings.js with that new hash.

However, it didn't work and we can no longer log in. I tried changing the hash back to the original one, but that also didn't work.

For reference, the installation was done as root and the path to the edited settings.js is :

Any help will be massively appreciated!


edit : also for reference : the adminAuth section of settings.js under the normal admin user account [~/.node-red/settings.js] is commented out and editing it had / has no effect, which is the reason we looked in /root

Check to make sure you didn’t forget a closing } or added an extra one

Thanks for the rapid reply! It doesn't look to me like any brackets are out of place, but my experience level is low -- here's the whole [broken] object for reference, copied from the /root/.node-red/settings.js file [hash redacted]:

adminAuth: {
type: "credentials",
users: [{
username: "admin",
password: "this_is_the_hash",
permissions: "*"

Update! My boss figured out that a restart of node-red is required for the auth update to take effect, which is not mentioned in the docs.

Auth is working now. Thanks!

p.s. friendly suggestion to maintainers if y'all see this : it'd be helpful to add the restart requirement info to