adminAuth for Login

I commented "adminAuth:" in the settings.js file, but authentication remains.
And otherwise i change login and password but still login failed.
And i try to reinstall node-red but same problem
so how to access directly without login to

I have resolved!

How? So if other people find this thread they can learn from what you did...


for the first time, I modified the settings.js file under this path / usr / lib / node_modules / node_red: it's false
but the solution is to modify the settings.js file under the folder /root/.node_red/

That should generally be the settings.js file under the user who is running Node-RED.
so for example of a pi. If using the user pi you generally be using the file in /home/pi/.node-red

(the settings.js file gets copied into this directory the first time you run Node-RED)

This is documented here:

Unless there is a specific reason to run as root it advisable not to.

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