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I freshly installed a node-red server in my raspberry pi and I wanted to enable authentication. I edited the setting.js to add enable the adminAuth and added the password using the encrypting feature to add the password.

However, every time I log into node-red it logs me directly without showing the login screen to enter password and username. Am I missing some configuration to be enabled?

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Hello @andrejost,

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Do you mean the login to the dashboard or to the admin panel? Which parameters did you set?

In general authentification is cached on the device, which should be a feature than a bug :upside_down_face:


Which settings.js file? What directory is it in?

Hi @Ranki , I mean the standard login screen when I try to access any file in the URL "Servername:1880".

I only uncommented this option: adminAuth:

I edited the setting.js file which is in /usr/lib/node_modules/node-re

Wrong settings file. If you start node red in a terminal it will tell you which one it is using. Usually it is in your .node-red folder.

Hi @andrejost,

Beside using the correct settings file, please have a look to the following guide: Securing Node-RED : Node-RED

The setting you adjusted is for the editors page.


Awesome! For the help guys! Now I can see the login screen correctly!

If I might suggest something ... The documentation on this link you mentioned @Ranki should perhaps improve the explanation on how the node-red settings files works when it gets copied from the original folder. On Steve`s Node Red awesome guides he makes it more explicit:

On Linux the settings.js file is copied from the /usr/lib/node-modules/node-red/ folder to your .node-red folder in your home directory when you start node-red, and there is no settings.js file present.

Pehaprs adding such a comment would improve the documentation.

Everything working like a charm now :slight_smile:

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André Souto

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