Browser get stuck after some time

Hello everyone, I use node-red for automation system, there are some buttons and led's to see system behaviour and control some sub systems.I use mqtt protocol for communication. After approx. one day, google chrome freezes and when I try to refresh page, it throws a notification like " page doesn't respond wait or quit". I close browser and open again, problem has gone. This problem seems like not about node-red,but broswers itself, I try another browser but problem persists.

Any method I can try to overcome this ?

Thanks in advance

Are you using charts? If so how often are you updating the charts, how many lines are there and what display time have you set in the charts? You have to think about the total number of points in all the lines and charts which have to be shuffled down every time there is more data.

I've never been able to have 24/7 dashboard monitoring running in Chrome or Chromium without seeing "Aw snap! something went wrong" displayed in the tab eventually. If I recall, Firefox was if anything worse initially, so I never put any effort into using it instead.

Closest I've come is with a dedicated Pi3B using the "official" touchscreen displaying the dashboard with Chromium in "kiosk" mode. It sometimes displays only a "gray" blank screen, but works when the next image update come in (highly variable from 10's of milliseconds to many hours -- it shows the most recent "alert" image from my AI enhanced security system. I let the display "sleep" and keep it next to the bed, if I hear an audio alert I can just reach over, touch the display and see what is up -- usually its a dog walker getting too close to my house just after dusk or just before dawn.

My "holy grail" was to use an old, out of service Android phone for the display, but it never stayed up long enough to be useful, and various "keep alive" schemes didn't work for the old phones I had (Android 4.4, 5.1, 6.0).

I dont use any charts in dashboard I use some buttons, led's and one gauge. Isn't there any settings in chrome not to freeze ?

Hi there,

I am running node-red 24/7 on an ebook (Tolino Epos). It has one breakdown a week. Everything else is running smoothly. But to come to this stage and to enable this stability I had to create a separate page with the most important information and switches for the eBook only. It did not work with charts and gauges so I would think it is the gauge. Give it a try w/o gauge and see what happen.


Just for info: I had to change additionally all switches from standard symbols to custom on/off symbols as the standard switch was not respresenting the current status reliably.

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