Bug accessing dashboard tabs by name

On a Raspberry Pi with Node-red 3.1.0-beta 2, npm 8.19.3, node-red-dashboard 3.4.0

If I am already viewing a dashboard tab and I type the URL of a different tab on that Pi

It takes me to the tab I want

But if I am on some other website and I type the same URL!/Gauges

Then it takes me to tab #0 instead.

Also, if you go to a tab by number or selecting from the hamburger menu, the URL is rewritten including the socketid (Long, horrible)
But if you successfully go to a tab by name, the URL is rewritten with just the tab number.
Is it possible to always rewrite it with the tab name?
Is it possible to get rid of the #! ? What is it there for?

I see the same on V3.02, so it's not a new issue.

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