Bug in node-red-contrib-1wire 0.0.1

I am reading several 1wire temparature sensors with a Raspi 3 with this node:

I wanted to start a heater when temperatures below 0 °C are reached.
But I realized, that the min value is always 0.
I don't know, how to contact the author @robquads.

As a workaround I read the "file" /sys/bus/w1/devices/28-000005fa6d46/temperature
and devide the output value / 1000.

It doesn't appear to have a github repository, which would be the usual place to submit an issue. I would generally not use a node that is not on github (or somewhere similar) unless there was no alternative, and there are several alternatives in this case I think.

you can check who registered it with npm and send a polite email asking if they want to fix it etc... npm owner ls node-red-contrib-1wire

That Node is not updated for 6 years.

You can try the other nodes that are update on a later date.

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