Bug with AVM FRITZ!Box Tools in combination with NODE-RED

To whom it may concern,

Home Assistant Integration : AVM FRITZ!Box Tools
in combination with NODE-RED Integration.

Using the fritzbox value from download_throughput:
There is a typo.


this value is sent in " msg.playload " instead of " msg.payload "

Please let me know if I address the proper person/group as I cannot find a more precise contact via Home Assistant.

Thank you for fixing =)

I added this debug report also on Github : here
and with this post I hope to reach those concerned.

...HA does not use or requires Node-Red as far as I am aware of.
The issue you posted in github has now been closed for the same reason.
The flow you used in that issue to show the typo is originated from where, exactly?

Update: probably user error?

I removed and readded Node-Red.
No more issue.

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