When deploying in any flow Fritz!Box server issue a lot of "Device not ready" msg

This happens for may be 5sec then flooding stops and it never comes back .... except I deploy anything again.
The rest works fine!
Any idea how to get rid of this flodding?

Is fritzboxserver a node you have installed? If so what did you install? node-red-contrib-??? possibly.

I would expect node-red-contrib-fritzapi, since I had the same error some time ago (with an older Fritzbox 7490), when starting the Raspi or deploying.

Now I only can see valid devices and no error. Fritzbox 7590, FRITZ!OS: 7.56:

26 Aug 19:48:08 - [info] [fritz-api:Fritzbox-api] Updating devices
26 Aug 19:48:08 - [info] [fritz-api:Fritzbox-api] Found: 119600729xxx (Buero)
26 Aug 19:48:08 - [info] [fritz-api:Fritzbox-api] Found: 087610515xxx (Klimaanlage)
26 Aug 19:48:08 - [info] [fritz-api:Fritzbox-api] Found: 130770173xxx (Büro Lampe)
26 Aug 19:48:08 - [info] [fritz-api:Fritzbox-api] Found: 130770173xxx (Büro Lampe)
26 Aug 19:48:08 - [info] [fritz-api:Fritzbox-api] Found: 099950652xxx (xx)
26 Aug 19:48:08 - [info] [fritz-api:Fritzbox-api] Found: 119600691xxx (xx)
26 Aug 19:48:08 - [info] [fritz-api:Fritzbox-api] Found: 119600661xxx (Küche)
26 Aug 19:48:08 - [info] [fritz-api:Fritzbox-api] Found: 099950438xxx (Wohnzimmer)
26 Aug 19:48:08 - [info] [fritz-api:Fritzbox-api] Found: 119600330xxx (free)

All DECT devices (FRITZ!DECT 301, Comet DECT) have the latest firmware.
A FRITZ!DECT 200 (Klimaanlage, smart plug), another Comet DECT and a FRITZ!DECT 500 (DECT bulb) are not connected, but do not produce an error.
Do you see any unknown devices in the Smart Home menue of the Fritzbox?

Hi Collin thanks for respons!

nR1 is what is installed.
nR2_3 is configuration of the Fritz!Box node.

nodeRed is runing at a Raspberry (xxx.yyy.zzz.17)


Hi Stefan thank you for respons!
Attached you see my flooding problem.

Fritz!Box6490 cable
Fritz!OS: 7.56
One DECT200 in smartHome: Version 04.25
(According to AVM the Fritz!Box is looking each 48h for new version of the DECT200.
If it is found > automatic installation)
There where no unknown devices in SmartHome (except 2 other unused DECT200)
I've removed the unused DECT200 > restart the F!B > does not help!


Select Konfigurations-Node (maybe config-node in english) in the right window of the Node-RED editor.


Search for Fritzbox-Api and click on the number next to the button

You should get a search windows like that:

Are all devices for the given nodes still active?

Hi Stefan,

my setup is quite simple: There is only on device (DECT200). It is active!


Sorry, dann habe ich keine Idee mehr!
Sorry, then I have no idea!

Vielen Dank Stefan!

@AloisBachmeier Maybe I got the reason for these errors:

In the flow I can see, that you set the AIN to a flow variable!?
Maybe the timing is not correct.

Please add a delay to the inject node "Get socket state" (and perhaps remove a delay in the inject node "Set socket AIN") so that it is assured that all fritz-api nodes get the correct AIN!

If this not the solution, please mark and export (only) your flow above and I will import it.
Please use the formatting as "Vorformatierter Text".

Hallo Stefan,
changed the delay in the "inject node": 0.1s > 5s
Result: 5s nothing then the well known flooding.

Attached the export.


DECT200_Alois.txt (13.1 KB)

It doesn't make sense to increase the delay in the first Inject node "Set socket AIN" too.


Please set it to 0.1 seconds again. Otherwise the variable won't be initialized before you use it!

You can shorten your flow and set the msg.ain in the inject node instead of a separate switch node:

In the second Inject node "Get socket state" +hinzufügen and then:


Hallo Stefan .... could you meanwhile check out the export file I've sent?


Meanwhile we talked via PM in german and it seems, that a delay of 10 seconds before the first query of the fritz-api node after deploying has eliminated the error messages.

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