Button label update problem

I have a problem with the dynamic button update after switching between dashboard tabs.
As you can see on the video, button labels update properly, before I switched to another tab (0:12).
After that, when I return to the initial tab, button labels no longer updates, but background updates normally.

Maybe anybody knows, how to solve it?

what version of the dashboard are you using?

Dashboard version 2.15.5

Video does not help much to understand how your flow is created. How the buttons get the information about proper label. If your buttons represent a state of some device or similar, is this state updated when you are switching dashboard tabs?
Most common solution to this kind of problems is to use ui_control node to update dashboard widgets to show latest/current state after dashboard tab changed.

Can you share your Flow ? its look great !!

Rather than tacking your question on the end of a very old thread please ask a new question explaining what exact problem you have.