Button on dashboard 2.0 cannot retrieve flow or global context data

Hello , I used button on dashboard 2.0 and not able to retrieve the flow/global context variable through the button node ? I believe this is a bug because the button node on dashboard 1.0 it works just fine


Above image are my global context

Above image are my dashboard 2.0


This is the output when i try to retrieve the value using the button on dashboard 2.0

This the the dashboard flows


as you can see , on dashboard 1.0 it works but not on dashboard 2.0 . can anyone help clarified this issues ? Thanks

Hi @Anmirazik

Can you share the relevant bit of the flow, or show how exactly you have configured the button node?

I thought I had fixed this in UI Button - Ensure payload is set when type is flow/global by joepavitt · Pull Request #492 · FlowFuse/node-red-dashboard · GitHub

Can you confirm which version of @flowfuse/node-red-dashboard you are using please?

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My bad , I'm using version 0.11.3 , By default it installs that version , I need to update to version 1.20 and the issues are fixed , Thank you