FlowFuse - Changing Dashboard Button, text ... Widget label at run-time

I am moving from Node-Red Dashboard to Flowfuse Dashboard 2 :

Question 1: I am setting up the button, Ui_text ... label at runtime with global / context variable. It doesn't seems to work anymore, if it is the case, what we can do for MUI application


Second :

FontAwesome : It seems to not be compatible anymore ?
Can't get them to be displayed
I include the path for my fontawesome as bellow in a UI_Template as I did for my @flowfuse dashboard1 (node-red) apps.


Thanks for your help

Node-RED Version 3.1.9
Launcher Version 2.3.0
Node.js Version 18.20.2

Hi @ylechasseur

Thanks for your questions, to address them individually:

Question 1

You are correct in that we no longer support the {{ }} syntax. There have been many discussions about this, but fundamentally it boiled down to it being a significant security vulnerability

The alternative here is currently under development, which you can track here; Modify/Update UI-widget parameters from external · Issue #833 · FlowFuse/node-red-dashboard · GitHub

It's a complicated topic, but we're making progress.

Question 2

Correct, we no longer package font-awesome with Dashboard 2.0, however, it is still available from the Node-RED Editor itself at /vendor/font-awesome/css/font-awesome.min.css?v=3.0.2

What were you looking to do with font-awesome? We do now instead use the MDI Icon Library which is a substantially larger collection of modern icons

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the quick reply,

I can understand for the security, now that you mention it. I beleive it is a not an easy point to resolved.
For the moment it is a show stopper for me, but I realy want to move forward to the dashboard 2 version and get my stuff integrated into the Flowfuse eco system, it is great ,,

I'll give a look to the icons, I only an old fontawesome pro's user.. change can be good as well

Best regards


Unfortunately, you're not alone here. It's our top priority at the moment, and I'm working to getting a sensible solution in place in the very near future.