3.0.2 - Font Awesome icons in UI Template

Since before I updated to NR 3.0.2 I've had a problem with a dashboard flow that lets me control Roku, in the icons are not showing, with the exception of the middle button icon see here:

Here's the code from within the UI Template node for an example button that doesn't show the icon:

    <md-button class="md-fab" aria-label="Back" ng-click="send({url: 'http://roku_server:8060//keypress/Back'})">
        <md-icon md-font-icon="fa-chevron-left" class="fa fa-lg"></md-icon>

On a separate but perhaps related note, I tried to upgrade node-red-dashboard currently on version 2.29.3 using Manage Palette, which shows I can upgrade to 3.2.0, however when I upgrade it gives an error message, the full error of which I copied out of /home/mat/.npm/_logs/2022-09-19T17_17_49_938Z-debug-0.log - shall I paste that error log here?

I'm using v3.0.2 and the button from your example flow is displaying an icon. I'm not 100% sure but maybe you moved/deleted the library?

To my knowledge / memory, I have not moved or deleted the library.

How can I check this?

@hazymat Try npm install font-awesome --save-dev in your terminal. Maybe this will do it.

Normally the icons should come with the node-red-dashboard. In my case there is a library inside the node-red-dashboard-folder:

As you can see there are the fontawesome-, Material- and weather-icons. Can you check this?

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