<fas> Icons not showing - sometimes(!)

Dear experts,

I'm facing a strange behaviour. For some reason, Font Awesome Icons are not showing in my Node-Red-Dashboard <ui_template>. But only sometimes...

FA-Icons are always shown correctly
<i class="fa fa-wrench"></i>

FAS / FAD are shown only partially:

<i class="fas fa-wind"></i>
<i class="fas fa-tint"></i>
<button id="b1" ng-click="send({payload:action('b1')})" class="far fa-stop-circle"></button>

Sometimes they are shown at startup, but sometimes it takes a couple of minutes to get them displayed... Do you know how I can force Node-Red to load the stylesheet at startup?

Best regards,

fas- - fontawesome icons version 5 and up are not supported.
Here is documentation about what is supported for dashboard.

Ok. But if they are not supported, why are they displayed after a while? Sometimes they work... That's the strange thing...

Cant see any way it can happen. Unless you are doing something special to make it happen.

By supported it means that dashboard includes all what is needed to show limited set of icons. Those will work even your setup is completely offline.

All what is not supported needs to be allowed by including required resources from some CDN or download and serve it from static folder.

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