Fontawesome icon not appearing in

Hi folks,

I got an issue on Github that the icon of my node is not appearing on

If found out that this is the case for all my nodes that use a FontAwesome icon, like this:

outputs: 1,
icon: "font-awesome/fa-calculator",
paletteLabel: 'calc',

The icon appears correctly in the flow editor:


Not sure what is wrong with the generated html on the flows site:

I assume that is an esthetical, low-priority 'hidden feature'...


Yeah... the flow library hasn't been updated to know about font-awesome icons yet.

Then it is in the category "maybe later, maybe never ...".
It is not life threatening!!!

PRs always help.


It does not use icon as icon but background image from constructed path. So the icon you have declared in nodes html must exist in correct folder and should be usable as image.

I think to make support of some icon set makes another trap in therms of if this is supported, why that is not. So may be not that easy to make some fancy solution here.

Aah, like you have done in node-red-contrib-ui-level -


Except if you specify a font awesome icon as Bart has done.

But I assume that the FA icon can be easily converted to a png, and used as above.

Like this in black, or in white next to it (that erm.. you can't see, but you can download)
black-calculator white-calculator

That was just the my poor explanation of how it works currently.


I got burned by the alias naming thing once too. I had dropped the alias name into the node html file for the icon name, and the standard name for the given icon was available not the alias. FA web site kind of implies the aliases are always available... not always. Depends on how the developer implemented the FA library.

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