Bypass "Sign In" popup with SSO/OpenID valid session


I have NodeRED in SSO/OpenID with Keycloak, works great.

There is an annoying aspect of the "Sign In" UX: even if I am already logged-in in Keycloak, the first time I access the NodeRED admin dashboard it displays the "Sign In" popup.


Then when I click the Sign In button, since I am actually logged-in already, I get redirected back immediately to the dashboard (that's expected, works fine).

Is there an option in settings.js file to skip this popup when the user is already logged-in with SSO/OpenID? Or at-least, to trigger the sign-in redirect automatically so that the user won't take action on this popup?

Thanks, F.

There isn't any such option available today.... but I can certainly see the use for it.

Could you raise an issue on github with these details (link back to this discussion as well).


Yes sure, I can also contribute to the implementation... I will check the contributing guidelines on github.

Thanks, F.

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