How to achieve node-red Dashboard editor security using openid/oauth

want to perform single sign on(SSO) on editor of node-red dashboard. IDP used is azure AD.
we have client ID, client secret, redirect URI. what are the options to do SSO using openid/oauth. tried passportjs. but there are only few details.

Hello @kiru,

Did you check the official documentation already? Maybe the chapter „OAuth/OpenID based authentication“ does help you.


Hi @Ranki , Thanks for the reply. yes i checked. it has passport strategy implementation details only for twitter and github. but i am checking for passport-azure-ad-oauth2

Did you check for the topic in the forum search? Maybe this can help you:

Or maybe @knolleary has an idea.


I checked it. There is no information on passport-azure-ad-oauth2 and how to use it in settings.js file. I was trying on how it was implemented for passport-github. when i click on the button it doesn't redirects to anywhere instead it remains in the same page. @knolleary any idea on this?.

The documentation shows how you can configure it to work with other providers. The auth module NR provides works with Twitter and Github, but they show an example of how to connect to Twitter without using their auth module. It refers to a passport module called passport-twitter. Taking a stab and Googling passport-azure turns up passport-azure-ad-oauth2, which looks promising for your case. Not that I've done work in this space.

PS. I believe it is considered impolite forum practise to target questions to individuals.

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