Integrate Azure AD sevices with node-red for SSO

I am trying to implement Single Sign On (SSO) to node-red via Azure AD. I want to secure node-red editor and dashboard using Azure Active Directory.
I want to integrate node-red inside my website and let devlopers use node-red. For my website I am using Azure AD for SSO. To create different instances for different developers I need SSO implemented to ned-red for creating unique instances for each developer.

Likely the easiest way to do this is to configure Node-RED to run behind a reverse proxy. The proxy would provide the security layer and take care of the SSO integration.

Exactly how you would do this depends rather on what Azure services you are using. The simplest would be running Node-RED as an Azure web app. This uses a plugin to IIS that manages node.js apps and integrates with the Azure AD security layer provided by IIS.