Single sign on using SAML in node-red

Having Azure as IDP, How can we enable SSO in node-red using SAML strategy?
Could you please suggest me some ideas.

Node-RED version: v1.2.9
Node.js version: v15.11.0

Thanks in advance.

Have you looked for a suitable PassportJS strategy?

Personally, I've done this in the past not by securing Node-RED but by using IIS as a reverse proxy. Azure Web Apps have an IIS plugin available for connecting to Node.JS apps - can't remember the name but I'm sure you can look it up. As Node-RED is simply a Node.js app, this works fine.

You should then be able to use SAML via Azure SSO if you need to though if you just want AAD integration, that is native anyway and you wouldn't need SAML.

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