CA Certs for email


Need to send emails using CA Certs. how do i set this up? running on a raspberry pi 3b & Raspbain. the email service “CLAWS” that comes with Reaspbain is easy to setup but can’t find a way in node-red.


Must admit I don’t use the email node enough to know if this is feasible or not. Certainly it’s not a built in feature right now. Happy for anyone to take a look and come up with a PR if possible.


Not entirely clear what you are asking for here.

If you are sending email via a mail server, you need to configure the mail server to be able to connect to other mail servers using TLS, that’s not a Node-RED issue.

Or do you mean that you want Node-RED to act as a client connecting to a mail server using TLS mutual authentication?


I have a node red flow monitoring and controlling a process. If the process goes wrong i need the node red flow to send an email. email server requires the use of a CA certificates. As i mentioned using the “CLAWS” email app included with noobs it was very simple to add the certs. but in node red no such option to add the certs is can be found. the certs are require for our company email server, no getting around that.

hope that clears that up. Charles