Sending emails from Node Red

Hi! Im trying to send an email from Node Red and it shows this error in the output.

This is how I configured de Email node:

I already watch some videos on youtube and did everything exactly the same as the video but it just doesnt work.

Have you tried doing a forum search using 'email gmail'? This issue comes up perodically.

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okay I will do that

The answer is: Turn on 2 factor authentication in gmail then it gives you the ability to add app passwords.

See this thread: Gmail "Email-in" node no longer working with username&password - #5 by jbudd


Thanks so much! I'd missed that post, or maybe ignored it because I didn't truly understand until yesterday when I could no longer send email.

Here's the unexpected thing, I used the app-specific p/w for postfix on one of my systems and that enabled postfix to work on ALL my systems! They must be associating the app-specific p/w with public IP address. All my systems are NATed so all use the same public IP. I have to assume at this point that the same is true for anything I have that uses

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