Gmail and node-red-node-email

Hi guys,
I'm wondering to send an email through via gmail (gsuite)

I tried various approach, and now I've got double authentication factor and an application password.

I tried from admin console to enable smtp-relay for domain users but nothing to do... the strange thing is that if I put my real account password relay tells me to check with an application password. But when I try with these last one it responds "Username and Password not acccepted".

Someone here use gmail with nodered?

Tnx in advance!

I've done only one of these. It sends a SMS message to my phone via gmail. I had to try several different combinations of settings before I hit upon this one. I won't be able to help beyond this but I hope it works for you.

Hi Losinit,
first of all thank you for your post but I tried the same thing without success.

Now the questione imho is not how to setting the node but how to setting google.

At the moment I have checked and activated double factor auth and I have created an application password. Google documentation says that's sufficient to login but imho (also if the documentation specifies the opposite) I will have also to set lower security. It's my last chance I think. I understand security but it's incredible that in 2020 we had to have this kind of troubles to... send an email!

I don't use 2FA, just a password.

Did you set less security on you google account?

I used another mail provider so i don't need to chant google spells for 1 email.
I think it's the fact that google uses that mail and passwords across multiple services some which have very confidential info linked to it.

I use 2FA - but it's the application password you need.
and server config like

and no TLS

I solved enabling from administration console the "possibility" for the single user to enable less security.

Please note: when I connect to my gmail account at

Google says me that with 2FA I can't set less secure apps... but now my email from NodeRed works!

That's very strange!

I've had the account since before 2FA was a thing and I've stayed with password authentication.

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