Node-red-node-email SMTP Configuration Node

Hello! It would be really convenient if the SMTP settings for the Email node were a Configuration Node that could be saved separately from the email node and used across multiple email nodes. This reduces the amount of duplicated config/credentials.
For GMail users with app passwords is extremely helpful since there is no way of getting an app password back if you accidentally delete the only Email node with the password.

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I'd like a bit of instruction on how to use app passwords and why they are some how supposed to be better. I'm frustrated that Google periodically turns off "less secure application access" which breaks the Email push from my AI system until I go in and turn it on again. Seems to be a random schedule too.

I did set one up (with great difficulty) for our non-Google Email accounts in Thunderbird. At the end of the day, I fail to see how its different than a normal username and password except the app password was supplied by someone other than me by some web app that I was forced to blindly just trust.

The idea behind App Passwords is that they're single purpose, they're only used by one application, which is supposed to make them "more secure". I also believe you cannot use them to sign into the web versions of any Google Service.

They're mostly useful for people who have 2 factor authentication turned on, which can't means that you can't sign-in with just a username and password.

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As I recall, you have to log into your gmail account then Account (avatar top right), Manage your Google account, Security, "Signing in to google" section.
You have to turn on two step verification.
Once you have done so, the same sction lets you set up an app password.

Maybe Google made me turn off less secure app access before doing that...
It made me enter my password and sms code at every step too.

Copy and paste it into the email node and all is once more working. I don't yet know if google will occasionally delete the app password just like they turn off less secure app access.

Absolutely no idea about that! Google says they are though, must be true surely?

Thanks, if I need to turn on two factor authorization its a total non-starter for me as I don't live my life attached to my cell phone. Fact is I only have a "smart phone" to get the images pushed by my AI system when I'm away. However, I do use Gmail a lot, if they ever stop "normal" username/password access I will need to find another provider.

Yes two factor is a real pain.
I have a Gmail account just for messages from node red so I don't normally have to do the SMS thing.

I also use a dedicated Gmail account for node-red. Actually I send them to both my provider MMS gateway and my personal Gmail account (created when I activated the phone) as usually the MMS via the gateway arrives first, but not always. At least on my version of Android, notifications to an "idle" phone are more reliable for SMS/MMS than Gmail.

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