Node-red email node and gmail


Is anyone suddenly have issues with sending emails via gmail? Mine just stopped working on Tuesday.

Node-red error:
"Error: Invalid login: 534-5.7.14 <↵534-5.7.14 e4ur0lSPrHf0a4ktakITGYGJZMX_21lVOlM7B7raGEck6LFk0sqqEACDZbVsg-KNQoNqam↵534-5.7.14 rvcaQife2IKZ3TY9yJrTXzxm3aaeyp6iVawi1KplBWNiy9Ij5oF7JwADcrgJ6HlMRLVChc↵534-5.7.14 9XiOLl_fua8qLXydzoUmYA6NudJf65Ik5FDf5ggHR8vj9oVPedsfMdQU> Please log↵534-5.7.14 in via your web browser and then try again.↵534-5.7.14 Learn more at↵534 5.7.14 n126sm7866759oif.19 - gsmtp"



and what do you learn if you follow the link to learn more?



nothing i haven't already tried. There are a couple of articles i read about this issue. Most talk about how make sure you setup the SMTP correctly. One even talks about setting up app password.(which only applies if you are using 2-factor Authentication). One article said the password should be exactly 8 characters.
It's so weird as it as been working flowlessly for months.



Can you log into this gmail with Chrome?

Do you still have "less secure" access enabled on this account? I periodically get "security checkup" emails from google and if you are not careful with their link you can end up turning off "less secure" access.

I just sent myself a test Email from my alarm system Gmail account. Worked perfectly, so its no system wide change -- unless it hasn't rolled out to my account yet.



Found this:

Doesn't look like a problem specific to Node-RED, more of a Gmail security thing.