Node email : impossible to send email

impossible to send an email with node email. I tried with google mail and here is the message:
Error: Invalid login: 534-5.7.14 < 534-5.7.14 bv7FB-cQt6k5nF4PccQZk6ydctSFLCY21irxDVFdS_vOxnzP9pTz-h7ymU66JXXEXROuaN 534-5.7.14 x3c-LARgw9h_U80pk8vdk5VnwYZSLh8A7Vmd4GDENtwIVEbkHnpPgToCaIcB3TzRAj-Bjq 534-5.7.14 VNH_UMEu4l3bRMyj1vHRHhyCJKoUEEwjQ25MDLB48s_hcxjB_A3QdfCtzO3iJKjpl8DTZq 534-5.7.14 LVgrTzuPVK8s8Ef6UOOBty94XONkIrAu_dgxqizJXKHaQzZ8w2> Please log in via 534-5.7.14 your web browser and then try again. 534-5.7.14 Learn more at 534 5.7.14 z18-v6sm15181327wru.83 - gsmtp

I tried with another orange mailbox and here is the error message:
Error: 101057795:error:140770FC:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:unknown protocol:openssl\ssl\s23_clnt.c:827:

if anyone has a solution thank you enlighten me

Did you read the nodes ReadMe? What version of nodejs are you using?

Did you try following the suggestion in the google error message?

For gmail to work you need to alter your settings on your gmail account to allow 'less secure apps" here:
Which is one of the suggestions in the helpful URL google place in their error message.

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ok thank you, thank you it works for my gmail box, but for the orange box I still have the error.

Google states that "less secure app" no longer available