Calling "input_select.select_option" Fails

Bottom Line: NodeRed is throws an API error when I try to use call a service from the "input_select" domain. Is this a missing feature or am I doing something wrong?


  • the error: "Call-service API error. Error Message: Service not found."
  • the node: Call Service Node
    -- Domain: input_select
    -- Service: input_select.select_option
    -- Entity Id: input_select.primary_target_temp
    -- Data: {"option": "Living Room"}
  • additional info: The input_select entity is configured and works perfectly on my frontend and in the 'services' developer tools. In NodeRed, when I start typing 'input' in the Domain field, the only autocomplete options are "input_boolean" and "input_datetime".

Background: I have multiple hue motion sensors around my house. I want to use their built-in thermometers to inform the thermostat to adjust the temperature for the room with the most recent motion event. I want to be able to adjust the primary target room from the frontend and from NodeRed.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


can you specify which node you are using, including the module you installed it from? It sounds like an issue with whichever module you are using and you may have to follow up with its author more directly.

Node-red does not throw the API error, the home assistant node does. Perhaps the home assistant forums/google gives you more information.

Thanks for responding! I'm just using the standard call service node in Home Assistant. I've only ever used NR in HA.. does that count as a separate 'module'?

See the red border around the data field.
You need to format it as json as indicated by the field {}

Node red is standalone software, but can be used in conjunction with HA

Thanks! I appreciate the help!

Here's my working config if anyone is interested in the future.