Can anyone tell how to set the resource for AC grant in node red

i have the grant node in which i set the property msg.res = object as mentioned. can anyone tell how to set the resource as the node is for grant permission on a resource

You will need to say what nodes you are using to help narrow down your question. What module did you install to get the node?

used this command: npm install node-red-contrib-accesscontrol
module name is : node-red-contrib-accesscontrol.
got 10 nodes among them one is AC grant.

Have you tried the 2 examples in the readme?

Failing that, you could look at the src for that node to determine what msg.xxxx properties are accessed / used

Also, the node itself has built in help that states...

Note: All fields can also be specified using the msg attributes: e.g., to get the content of "msg.role" write only "role" after changing the type. Regarding CRUD attributes, be sure to provide an array, otherwise the node may fail or work incorrectly.

AccessControl module's logic

Details on module logic at

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