JSON-rpc To integrate it on node red

Hoi , i need some help = eAccess ( accesscontrole). JSON-rpc. <> nodered ( Java).

Hello @Ramzi welcome to the forum.

While I’d like to help you, you haven’t given us enough information. Please give a better description of what your issue is.

P.s. Node-RED uses JavaScript not Java.

I have an access control system // Glutz Eaccess (Web interface) that I want to integrate it into node red, the seller has sent me documents and he has confirmed that this product can communicate through json-RPC - javascript or python

I am new to the world of programming, and I have not been able to configure :pensive:

See the cookbook http request examples for how to call a HTTP API - just format your JSON to the required standard as instructed by the documentation & call the API.

Is Not possible To create a function . To get the IO module status from this jsonrpc server ?

IO Module eAccess () with 2X Inputs. And 2X Outputs

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